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Module Content

The modules are made to include the Russian vocabulary of the future major planned to take at a Russian university. Each of the modules includes more than 700 words from the field of the future specialty.

The student can choose one of the five areas of training: natural-scientific, biomedical, economic, humanitarian, engineering.

The student will know the basic terminology of the chosen specialty in Russian, prepare to understand lectures in Russian, work at seminars, study special literature and communicate in the academic and professional field

The student will know:

  • basic syntactic constructions and language units used in the scientific style of speech;
  • lexical and grammatical compatibility of words;
  • features of the use of scientific terms;
  • how to use syntactic constructions of the scientific style of speech, make oral and written statements.

Each module "Scientific style of speech" contains:

  • a large amount of illustrative material;
  • audio recordings and video lectures;
  • interactive exercises for mastering vocabulary and grammatical constructions.