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Russian language learning platform

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Russian language

Free lesson and consultation

Before enrolling in studies, you will receive a personal consultation with the administrator, where you can ask any questions of interest.

A RUDN University teacher will give you a free trial lesson to get to know the Russian language and an interactive educational platform.

Support in the learning process

In the learning process, you are provided with the continuous support of experienced tutors who speak foreign languages. Communication with professional teachers and Russian students - over 10 hours with native Russian speakers every week.

Flexible training program

At the Digital Preparatory Faculty, you can design your own curriculum from 18 modules:

- The basic training course includes 9 modules in the Russian language and general education disciplines. The set of modules depends on your future profession.

- Individual modules or a combination of modules that interest you to study. After successful mastering, you will receive a certificate of training for the selected module or combination of modules.

Trainee motivation system

The educational program provides for self-study within the digital platform. By taking lessons on the platform, you earn points. Do not skip classes and try to complete tasks correctly - then learning will be enjoyable, and you can easily track your progress.

Programs and modules

Basic training course
Study of individual modules


from 6 months to 2 years

Form of study:

Part-time with the use of distance educational technologies. Based on the results of mastering the basic course, the student will receive a certificate confirming knowledge of the Russian language and general education disciplines at the level required for admission to Russian universities.

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