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Module Content

The student

  • learns almost 800 Russian words

Talk with native speakers:

  • in a shop with shop-assistants and cashiers;
  • in a restaurant or cafe with waiters
  • in the classroom with the teacher and students
  • in transport and in the streets with Russian-speakers
  • in the clinic and pharmacy with doctors and nurses

The student will be able to:

  • ask the name, introduce themselves or another person, say hello, say goodbye, turn to someone, thank, apologize, respond to thanks and apologies, ask to repeat;
  • ask a question and report on a fact or event, a person, an object, on the presence or absence of a person or object, on the quality, ask and answer questions Whose? When? Why? Where?;
  • express a desire, request, offer, invitation, consent or disagreement, refusal;
  • express attitude: evaluate the person, subject, fact, action


tell a lot of interesting things:

  • about themselves, their childhood, study, work, hobbies and interests;
  • about their friends and family members;
  • about spending free time.


  • a large text (250-300 words) and understand basic information and notice important semantic details


  • a message from 7-10 sentences


  • on the proposed topic (at least 7 phrases).