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Module Content

The student:

  • learns 1,300 Russian words.

The student will be able to talk with native speakers:

  • In the dean’s office, at different offices and departments, etc.;
  • at the post office;
  • at the bank;
  • in the library;
  • in transport;
  • on excursions;
  • by phone.

The student will be able to

  • enter into communication, get to know someone, introduce him/herself or another person, say hello, say goodbye, contact someone, thank, apologize, respond to thanks and apologies, congratulate, ask to repeat, express a wish;
  • ask a question and report on a fact or event, person, subject, on the presence or absence of a person or subject; about the number of items and their quality; about the action, time, place, reason and purpose of the action or event; express intention, desire, request, wish, advice, offer, invitation, consent or disagreement, refusal, permission or prohibition, promise, uncertainty;

express attitude:

  • evaluate the person, subject, fact, action, event.

talk and discuss important topics:

  • A story about yourself. Biography: childhood, study, work, interests.
  • My friend (acquaintance, family member).
  • The family.
  • Study, work (place of work, profession).
  • Learning a foreign language.
  • My day.
  • Free time, leisure, interests.
  • Hometown, capital.
  • Health.
  • The weather.

read and understand:

  • text (600-700 words), find basic and additional information.


  • 15-18 sentences on the proposed topic


  • proposed topic (at least 7 phrases).